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  1. The Destruction of the Twelve Colonies is a fictitious interstellar holocaust first depicted in the motion picture Battlestar Galactica, which set the stage for the subsequent television series. It is also the main premise for the miniseries re-imagining, which also spawned a television series. In the minute pilot film, it is established that at the end of the Thousand Yahren War.
  2. The Twelve Colonies -BSG. Sistema Solar Fiction Movies Science Fiction Viking Wallpaper Dragons Online Battlestar Galactica Flash Wallpaper Arrow Tv Series Best Sci Fi.
  3. Jun 23,  · Battlestar: Galactica-Overview of the Twelve Colonies of Man Created at Jun 23, Index progress Incomplete Threadmarks 1 Overview of the Twelve Colonies. Threadmarks. Statistics (1 threadmarks, k words) User Total; Samuel Montgomery: 1: Threadmarks.
  4. Jan 06,  · With Jamie Bamber, Matthew Bennett, James Callis, Aaron Douglas. The actors and writers give an analysis of the Cylons, their motivations, their evolving beliefs, and the conflicts and struggles of the Cylons in Season Four.7/10(22).
  5. To avoid contradictions in established RP, a policy of "localization" has been adopted. Apart from the Staff-written Overview and items firmly established in the main BSG series, there should be no all-encompassing tidbits for any of the Twelve Colonies. Players are wholeheartedly encouraged to create regional write-ups.
  6. The 12 Colonies is a defunct faction in the Star Wars Combine which briefly existed as a galactic government circa Year 6. The government was controversial because its name and backstory were heavily plagiarized from Battlestar Galactica. After several months, the .
  7. The United Colonies of Kobol, also known as the Twelve Colonies of Kobol, was an interplanetary state which represented humanity during the Cylon War, and was dissolved upon the settling of the second Earth nearly sixty years niipropkingbemetothefiloroluking.coinfo: During the Cylon War.
  8. Share. " Astronomy of the Twelve Colonies " is a document written by the Re-imagined Series scientific advisor Kevin Grazier in concerning the astronomy of The Twelve Colonies Of Kobol based on Ronald D. Moore 's " series bible " and the first two scripts of " 33 " and " Water ". The document helped in the creation of a chapter of The Science of Battlestar Galactica, Bob Harris 's book Beyond Caprica: .

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