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9 thoughts on “ Leave Me Alone - Lou Reed - Street Hassle (Vinyl, LP, Album)

  1. May 25,  · Allow me to set the stage for you: With the album being released in February of , the atmospheric feel for the record was drawn from , so HELLO FROM THE GUTTERS OF NEW YORK CITY the Summer of Sam, a Blackout that caused extensive riots and looting along with the closing of the Financial District, sweltering heat waves, fires burned down much of the Bronx, hip-hop was on 4/5().
  2. Live: Take No Prisoners is a live album by Lou Reed, recorded during May at The Bottom Line in New York.. The album contains ad libs by Reed during and between songs, among them a detailed story of the origin of "Walk on the Wild Side," and a rant against rock music critics, particularly Robert Christgau.
  3. With Street Hassle, Lou Reed changed up his sound yet again, going with a punkier feel, with some of the most impactful, blunt, and to-the-point songwriting in his career, which results in some of his most moving and shocking tracks to date. I think this album can be summed up .
  4. An album teeming with the lyrical hell of drug addicts and desperate misfits, STREET HASSLE does possess elements of Reed's pitch-black humor. "Gimme Some Good Times" playfully samples "Sweet Jane," and Reed sings the strangely sunny words of "Real Good Time Together" against a morbid wash of distorted guitar effects and niipropkingbemetothefiloroluking.coinfo: $
  5. Street Hassle is the eighth studio album by Lou Reed, released in February by Arista Records. Richard Robinson and Reed produced the album. It is the first commercially released pop album to employ binaural recording technology. Street Hassle combines live concert tapes (with overdubs) and studio recordings.
  6. Lou Reed | Leave Me Alone () - Traduzione con testo a fronte e audio del brano "Leave Me Alone" di Lou Reed, contenuto nell'album "Street Hassle" del 78 venerdì, .
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  8. Jun 28,  · It was the best of Lou; it was the worst of Lou. I’m talking, of course, about Lou Reed’s infamous “comedy” album, Live: Take No Prisoners, which was recorded over a 4-day period at the Bottom Line in New York City. On it Mr. Velvet Underground adlibs all over some of his best-known songs, launching into long, meandering, and only occasionally humorous digressions that destroy.
  9. In his trashiest LP, Sally Can’t Dance, Lou Reed turned his own poetry into graffiti; on Street Hassle, he turns street graffiti into poetry, with all the telephone numbers left in. Now when he.

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